First day of Ramadan 1443 AH – Saturday, April 2nd, 2022
Following are the guidelines for Ramadan activities as established by the ICB Board:
    • The ICB Board shall coordinate all Ramadan activities.
    • Imams are responsible for leading the Taraweeh prayers.
    • Khatm-e-Quran in Taraweeh Insha’Allah will be on the 27th night of Ramadan, which is the night before the 27th Day of Ramadan.
    • Daily Bayaan & Dua by Imams will Insha’Allah be held after Salat-ul-Asr.
    • The use of the microphone should be limited to Imams and to individuals authorized to make announcements by the ICB Board.
    • Azaan during Ramadan to be called by individuals authorized by the ICB Board.
    • Announcements, if any, must be in writing shall be made briefly before the start of Taraweeh.
    • Special advice on the religious rules shall be made by Imams to parents with babies for their convenience and the conveniences of all the worshipers. There will be no baby sitting arrangements at ICB during Taraweeh.
    • Parents shall be made responsible for their children’s behavior; especially for acts negatively affecting the Muslim community. We strongly request parents/guardians to make sure that their children attend the prayers next to them rather than let them hang around the property outside the prayer area.
    • Any misconduct / misbehavior by kids should be addressed to respective parents or to the ICB management; members are not allowed to handle these situations on their own.
    • All Sporting activities including basketball, volleyball, cricket etc. are strictly prohibited within the ICB premises during all prayers including Taraweeh.
    • It is highly suggested not to stand/sit individually or in groups in the lobby, hallways or near the entrances which may cause discomfort or disturbance to the other musallies.
    • Proper Islamic dress [loose fitting, covering the full body] is strongly recommended for all.
    • Sunnah Itekaaf program shall be held during the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan in coordination with the ICB Board. Registration will be required.
    • Iftar, dinners shall be arranged for the entire month of Ramadan. All Iftars shall be sponsored by the ICB community in coordination by the ICB Board.  Daily iftar shall be sponsored by individuals or families from the ICB community and coordinated by ICB Board who will solicit and collect the Iftar contributions, smaller donations are also acceptable to build up the fund. Food shall be permitted only in the designated area where the tarp is spread out. Please, follow the instructions given by the volunteers (men & women) in order for a smooth operation of the food distribution.
    • Those who would like to sponsor iftar, please contact the management.
    • Parking space at ICB during Ramadan is fully utilized.  Therefore, it is very important that all should follow Parking rules, do not park outside the marked spots and do not block other vehicles, the vehicles violating the parking rules will be towed away at owner’s expense.
    • Fitra, Zakat and donation boxes will be available during all prayers in Ramadan.  It is highly suggested not to wait till the end of Ramadan to give Fitra, as it becomes difficult for the management to disburse Fitra among the needy before the day of Eid. Any Fitra collected on the last day of Ramadan and on Eid day will be distributed to the needy after the day of Eid.
Jazak’Allah Khair
ICB Management