Visit ICB

Visiting Islamic Center of Burlington (ICB)

Islamic Center of Burlington invites you to visit and learn more about Islam and Muslims. While walk-ins are welcome, your precious time would be better served, by selecting one of the following options applicable to you:

School/Group Visits

The Islamic Center would be happy to schedule a tour of the Masjid for a class or group. The visit would include a tour of the Masjid, an introduction to Islam lecture, and observing Muslim prayer services. A question and answer session will follow.


Individuals are also welcome to visit our Masjid. Personalized tours can be arranged at a convenient time to you.

Visiting Etiquette

While visiting ICB, we appreciate your cooperation and compliance to the rules and regulations of the Masjid as follows:

  1. Girls and women shall modestly be dressed e.g. loose dress covering the arms and legs and a scarf covering the head and neck.
  2. Boys and men shall modestly be dressed with pants covering past the knees.
  3. Footwear shall be removed upon entering the Masjid.
  4. Intoxicated individuals are not allowed to enter the Masjid and will be evicted immediately if found in the Masjid.

To schedule an individual / group visit to ICB or if you have any questions or feedback, please email: [email protected]