New Guidelines for Daily Prayers, Jumua’h Prayers and Halaqah

AsSalaamu Alaikum,

As the governor of Massachusetts has lifted most of the restrictions for the vaccinated people starting May 29, InshaAIIah ICB has also relaxed certain restrictions. Please follow these instructions while visiting ICB.

    • ICB still encourages everyone to wear a face mask while you are in the masjid.
    • Please continue to bring your own prayer mats.
    • The social distance inside the masjid has been reduced to 3 ft. (in other words, please, make sure that you have an empty spot on both left and right sides). This distancing will remain until further notice.
    • Families are welcome to attend all prayers.
    • There will be two Jumua’h prayers starting June 4, 2021. First prayer at 1:00 PM and second prayer 1:45 PM.
    • There will be no ticketing system in Jumua’h prayers.
    • Due to limited parking space at ICB and in order to accommodate everyone, Insha’Allaah ICB will have two Jumua’h prayers.
    • Please DO NOT PARK at Kohl’s. Any parked vehicle at Kohl’s, will be towed by the property owner. ICB does not have permission to park at Kohl’s.
    • Brothers and sisters who are attending the 1st Jumua’h prayer, please leave as soon as your prayers are finished and do not hang around in the parking lot because we need empty parking spaces for the 2nd Jumua’h prayer attendees.
    • Once the parking lot is full on the 1st Jumua’h, the main gate will be closed. Please come back for the 2nd Jumua’h prayer. Do not block the entrance at Lexington Street.
    • If possible, and if you are coming from the same household, try to carpool, so we can accommodate maximum cars.
    • Friday Halaqah will resume in person and with live streaming. Please look out for the Halaqah announcement.

JazakAllah khair for your cooperation.

ICB Management