AsSalaamu Alaikum,

The Ulama Council of New England (UCNE) have announced that based on positive sightings, the moon was sighted. Thus the Islamic lunar month, Sha’ban, will complete 29 days, and that the 1st day of the next month, Ramadan, will begin on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. May Allah let this (month) pass over us with blessings, Iman, safety, and in the belief of Islam. The following ‘Ulama and Masajid have agreed to this sighting:

Mufti Mushtaque Ahmed, Dar ul Arqam
Mufti Akhtar, Brighton Islamic Center
Moulana Saad Qureshi, Dar ul Arqam
Moulana Muhammad Syanvala, Waltham Islamic Society
Moulana Tofael, Framingham Masjid-e-Basheer
Mufti Fauzaan, Framingham Masjid-e-Basheer
Moulana Sulaiman, Ar Raheem Academy
Mufti Aswat, Ar Raheem Academy
Hafiz Sulaiman, Masjid Nur
Moulana Shakeel Rahman, Islamic Center of Burlington
Moulana Usman Husain, Islamic Center of Burlington

Signed by
Mufti Mushtaque Ahmed
Mufti Akhtar

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